Have you seen War Room?


My honored Guest blogger today is a friend of mine from Mississippi, Chris Martin. Chris and I are both old enough to remember when long distance was not free and chatting with friends in other states simply did not happen! But now we can call anyone, anywhere and watch entire football games! And so it was in late December we were chatting and watching a bowl game. A discussion of movie channels led to current movies and I asked Chris if he had seen the movie War Room with Priscilla Shirer. Chris had not, but was interested when I told him how inspiring the movie was and what a thrill it had been to see the local theater full to capacity for a non violent, non R rated, Christian film. In subsequent texts I kept bugging Chris that he needed to see this movie and….

I’ll let Chris take it away from here!

I was seeing a lady named Cassie who also kept telling me about this movie and she wanted me to see it. One night she was not working she brought it over for me to watch. I had heard this was a good Christian movie but I was unaware of what was in store for me spiritually speaking. As I watched this movie it kept bearing witness in my spirit. I watched it again and it really touched me deeply, in my spirit. God spoke to my heart. It was revealed to me that this movie is all about spiritual investment. God wants us all to do something no matter how large, or how small for His kingdom. I knew at that point that I needed to get people to watch this movie. Then if they would agree to watch it, pray, if they felt led to go out and buy a copy of this movie to give away. And when they give a copy away, give it with a note that the movie is not to be kept but given away again, because the more who watch it the greater the spiritual investment.

I have been doing this at my job. God has blessed me to met people from all over our country. There is now a woman in Nebraska who started sharing and giving away copies at her job as well. A local pastor I met has now included sharing the movie as part of his neighborhood outreach. A young man who had just lost his brother got a call while at my shop that a close family member had been killed, talking about the movie gave me a chance to minister and pray over this hurting man and he promised to see the movie then start sharing it as well. So from Mississippi to Nebraska and most states in between we now have people actively sharing this movie and it’s message. I want everyone to have a chance to make this spiritual investment. Share this with others and do the same thing. To God be the Glory, forevermore, Amen!

Wow! Thank you Chris, I am inspired again by your testimony! I encourage everyone reading to pick up a copy of War Room and get in on the action!

Whisper of the Skunk

I’m re-blogging this post from June 14 for you. I did not write it, a fellow blogger whose work I greatly admire and touches me deeply posted this. I’ve been wanting to share it for a while now and obtained permission to do so.

240 words was all it took for Damien to completely express the wonder and gratitude of everything life has to offer. Enjoy and please see the links back to Damien’s blog/Twitter/FB at the end so you too can enjoy his wonderful work!

Whisper of the Skunk

It’s another great day to be alive, healthy, and sober. The sunset last night was so spectacular here in Menemsha. It was a true reminder of how beautiful this world and this life really are.

As I sit here on the porch of the cottage we are renting this morning the sky is clear, the birds are singing, and the harbor bell is ringing in the distance.

Driving back from a 12 Step meeting in Vineyard Haven this morning, listening to my favorite radio station in the world on FM instead of over the Internet, I was reminded of my friend Mark’s blog title, the Miracle of the Mundane.

There truly is something miraculous about these little every day occurrences. As I’ve become more present and aware in my sobriety, I’m starting to notice the small things that make this world so amazing. I am finding beauty in everything.

The first day on the island, as we drove from Vineyard Haven, I noticed this faint sweet smell that was at once pleasant and also noxious. I couldn’t describe it if I tried. I thought perhaps it was a flower or plant native to the island.

After being here a few days, I’ve discovered that the faint smell is not a flower or plant. It’s the whisper of the scent of a skunk in the air. And there is actually something beautiful about it.

Thankful for Nurses!

I had to share this post as it brought me to tears thinking of the trust and confidence patients and family members alike have placed in me over the years. I love being a nurse and like my colleagues it is an honor and joy to care for you! xxoo Alana

In 2013 I toured the new intensive care units back at the hospital where I volunteer. At the time I was acutely aware how outdated my nursing skills were and realized that I wouldn’t even be safe to flip on a light switch. The state-of-the-art machines were daunting. I never thought that three years later […]

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